Welcome to the Caregiving Divas!

We’re Empowering Caregivers to Care for Themselves!

I am Bethanne Weiss and I was truly blindsided when I was thrust into a life-changing and overwhelming role, five years ago and counting, that I had NO formal training for…I became the primary caregiver to both of my parents Elaine and Dr. Manny (aka The Man-ee-ac). No one understands what YOU are going through better than your fellow Caregiving Diva(s)!

While every person’s situation is unique, there are some universal truths we can share from our experiences caring for our aging parents. Being a caregiver is no easy task, so we’re here to offer you support. Coming this Fall, this website will be chock full of stories and recommendations from fellow caregivers as well as from attorneys, psychologists, and other related professionals, who can prevent you from become meshugana…believe me this whole experience can make you quite nutsy! Also, stay tuned for fun and motivating meet-ups coming this Fall. For now, please join our Facebook group to connect further.